Available positions and projects

Individuals with disabilities, who identify as female, indigenous, visible minorities and LGBTQ+ are strongly encouraged to apply. All career stages will be considered for any of the positions listed below. Positions are listed until filled. 

All levels

Single-cell & single-molecule sequencing technology development
#biotech-engineering #biochemistry #microfluidics #nanopore #single-cell

This project aims to develop bespoke molecular strategies to enhance the yield and precision of single-molecule, single-cell sequencing protocols and implement these into an open-source microfluidics system. 

PhD and/or Postdoc

Dissecting the immune dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 infection and vaccination

#nanopore #single-cell #immunology

Generate, integrate and analyze rich datasets of Oxford nanopore and single-cell RNA sequencing data derived from biospecimens longitudinally acquired from a unique cohort of over 500 healthcare employees.

MSc (co-supervision)

Genomic epidemiology of tuberculosis
#bioinformatics #genomics #tuberculosis #surveillance

In collaboration with Dr Simon Grandjean-Lapierre at CHUM, we are seeking a graduate student to explore genomic and molecular typing data generated from existing tuberculosis outbreak strains to: Appropriate and implement existing bioinformatics analysis tools in molecular epidemiology of tuberculosis; Compare the performance of different molecular typing tools; Use these skills for the investigation of tuberculosis outbreaks. 

Postdoc and/or Research Associate

Nanopore signal processing for real-time cellular genomics
#AI #signal-processing #transcriptomics #single-cell #microfluidics

Lead a project focused on exploring the frontiers of nanopore sequencing and molecular medicine. This NFRF funded project–in collaboration with international and local experts in biomedical engineering, genomics and artificial intelligence–seeks to develop a new strategy to zoom into thousands of individual cells and identify their unique molecular signatures at unprecedented resolution. The incumbent data scientist will apply bespoke machine learning strategies to time series data generated by single-cell nanopore sequencing experiments. Please send a CV and cover letter to apply.

(Full position description coming soon)

PhD or Postdoc (co-supervision)

Virologic determinants of cytomegalovirus transmission
#virology #cytomegalovirus #genomics #bioinformatics

The Gantt & Smith laboratories are seeking candidates interested in high-throughput sequencing of clinical cytomegalovirus samples. The project involves studying transmitted/founder viruses obtained from natural infection; performing bioinformatic analyses of CMV genomic diversity and selection; applying structure-function analyses to determine the phenotypic relevance and relative fitness of viral genotypes implicated in CMV transmission and reinfection; using mouse models of CMV reinfection, using recombinant viral constructs, and involving the use of live bioimaging, immunohistochemistry, flow cytometry, and other techniques. 


Administrative assistant
#admin #accounting #scheduling #part-time

The Smith and Craig laboratories are seeking a part-time administrative assistant to assist with managerial duties pertaining to the administration of research projects. 
(Full position description coming soon)